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Einstein home in Princeton
Einstein's home
in Princeton

Einstein Cross
Einstein Cross
Gravitational Lens G2237+0305
Four images of a very distant quasar which has been multiple-imaged by a relatively nearby galaxy. This is due to gravitational lensing, an effect predicted by Einstein's theory of general relativity. Light from a very distant source can be bent, or “lensed,” around an intervening object of great mass, like a galaxy. Source: Einstein's 100th Anniversary Free Lessons (Online in 2006).

Einstein playing the violin, something he loved to do. Einstein's mother introduced him to the violin at the age of 6 in an attempt to counteract his academic failures. Einstein eventually became an accomplished amateur violinist, taking particular pleasure in performing Mozart and discussing the parallels between music and mathematics. His son, Hans Albert, recalled that “whenever he felt that he had come to the end of the road or into a difficult situation in his work, he would take refuge in music, and that would usually resolve all the difficulties.”

Einstein said what goes up, comes down. Everything we send out, comes back to us.
This is a compilation of sites that I have found about Einstein. Some are educational for children. I include them, because we are all like children when it comes to understanding what Einstein tried to teach the world. There will be many more links once you start clicking on these. If you prefer a new window with each link (as I do), simply right click your mouse on top of the link and choose Open in New Window. If you use IE, just press the shift key at the same time you click the link. I prefer multiple sites open at the same time to return to where I started without relying on the BACK button. To make sure you don't lose this site, bookmark it before you leave!

If you run into a dead link, or want to submit a site on Einstein, please contact me. Thanks!

Albert Einstein Online

This site has an enormous list of links to sites about Einstein. Just go to this site to take a journey with Einstein.

Einstein's Relativity - Interesting Facts

Matter determines how space curves. Curved space determines how matter moves. Think about this...

Center for History of Physics

Image and Impact. There are no words for this site. It is awesome. There is also a link to The World as I see it by Einstein.


One could spend hours here just reading about Einstein. There are links to everything about his life, his works, he hobbies ... everything. There are also wonderful images of him, including the one from Time Magazine, when Einstein was chosen The Man of the Century and looked so incredibly sad.

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