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This free Yoga University has nearly 700 pages of instructions about everything you would ever need to learn to do Yoga. The content is always comprehensive and easy to understand. It is appropriate for anyone—from beginners to advanced students, and even for Yoga teachers. A Yoga Dance DVD Kit and Relaxation CD are also available to help you improve your practice!

My products are selected specifically for your well-being. Here is great feedback from my clients about my Yoga Nidra Deep Sleep CD: “Off the charts!” “Fantastic meditation. Slept like an angel.” “The voice on this CD is just beautiful. Calm and relaxing.” “Excellent! I use it frequently as it is 100% effective.”

Kindergarten Yoga is learning how to breathe. It’s the first step if you really want to achieve the results you desire. You can begin to learn how to do that here by listening to one Complete Yoga Breath with Sound—something you cannot learn from only reading a book. This link is on every page of this site to help you when you are feeling stressed—just click and breathe away tension. I also love the YouTube of this breath with Iyengar performing! I was blessed to study with him in London way back in the early 70s with a lot of other people. This was exactly how my mentor taught me. If you are not doing this and you practice Yoga, you cannot receive the full benefits.

When you take your time to learn Yoga from the pages of this site, your life will definitely change for the better—guaranteed! Yoga has always been about the law of attraction. The more you tend to your body and mind, the easier it is for spirit to enter. This brings joy to every person, whether they believe in it or not...

Read About Us to discover how diverse our expertise is.

My new comprehensive site about Geopathic Stress will be added in the near future. It covers everything about detrimental zones and how to heal the body, mind and soul through earth and chakra acupuncture (www.chakraenergies.com). It is about how Vastu Yoga and Feng Shui (which originally came from Vastu Yoga) work together.

Now you can learn everything that is on this site LIVE in Coral Gables with Kathryn! You will learn how to breathe, relax, meditate, and do simple, but powerful, yoga postures to open your chakras. Contact me via email directly.

If you need to learn how to maintain balance and eliminate stress in your daily life, this course is made for you!
My mentor, Eugenia Basilewsky in all her glory in the late 60s.
Eugenia Basilewsky, my incredible mentor, in all her glory in her
late 60s! Now place your palms
over your closed eyes and rest
them before you continue.


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“If at first the idea is not absurd,
then there is no hope for it.”
—Albert Einstein


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